Auto Warranty Company

My team made this Aftermarket Automobile Protection Telivision commercial for National Warranty Services Inc. My team Automotive Coverage Companies TV and radio adds. My team has one the last 4 jobs at work. The put us against one inother until they pick the best direction and then we all conspire to make the best TV commercial.
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Isabelle Caro, the model whose death after a long struggle with anorexia was made public Wednesday, brought Jessica Simpson to tears on "The Price of Beauty" earlier this year.
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Ucapan Tahun Baru.Sebentar lagi sudah mendekati pergantian tahun menuju tahun 2011 banyak hal yang bakalan akan menjadi kenangan di tahun 2010 bakalan tak pernah terlupakan.Kali ini saya akan berbagi juga mengenai ucapan tahun baru buat anda semua bisa anda ungkapkan dalam bentuk sms, kata-kata ataupun yang lainnya...mari kita simak ucapan tahun baru 2011
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Clark discovered that civilians who were attacked Oliver are all marked with dark tattoos. Carter Hall and Star Girl returns to help cope with Clark with Slade re-emergence after he kidnapped Lois.
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