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Nokia 2690
Nokia 2690: It's kind of Candybar, TFT 128 x 160 pixels, 1.8 inch, Bluetooth 2.0 and various basic applications like music player for MP3, 3.5 mm minijack input for headphones and FM radio. If you are interested in this model of the Finnish company and you can do with it, at least in Spain without having to be with a company that is sold completely free and its price is 70 euros.
free itunes
Sweet site that gives away free itunes everyday
Nokia 2700 Classic
The Nokia 2700 classic retains the charm of moving before the current benefits, also in the case of the 2700 classic seems to keep the price as it costs only 65 euros. A very cheap if you consider having a 2 MP camera that records video, plays music with expandable memory of 2GB microSD cards and has FM radio.
Nokia C1 Price
The Nokia C1 has recently added the Nokia C series. The specifications in terms of the least of all cell phone of this series, but that also means that the price of the Nokia C1 very low. In presenting the mobile phone were the same three mobile phones called Nokia announced C1. The first, on this page which you can learn everything, the Nokia C1-00. It's a cell phone with dual SIM support. More
Habbatussauda Assunnah
Habbatussauda (Nigella Sativa) atau biasa dikenal dengan Jintan Hitam merupakan tanaman berkhasiat yang memiliki manfaat luar biasa dalam mengatasi berbagai macam penyakit, baik yang ringan maupun yang berat. Habbatussauda sudah dikenal ribuan tahun yang lalu dan digunakan secara luas oleh masyarakat Timur Tengah, Asia, dan Eropa. Habbatussauda dipandang mampu mengobati segala macam penyakit dida
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