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Hey guys i went to play airsoft with some of the boys yesterdayyyyyyyyy. And we finished up just going at it. Hehe. ; )
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Ruyati beheading (pancung) video
Ruyati families, workers who was beheaded in Saudi Arabia claimed not to know of any execution video allegedly taken from a news Ruyati PressTV. The video was widely circulated on the Internet site Youtub, in Suka Tani, Monday. Youtub Ruyati with "Pemancungan Ruyati" video title, duration 1:03 minutes
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ASUS N82JQ-A1 Review
I upgraded from an i5 laptop to an i7. Same model, same features, but a bit faster. The case has a metal top which is smudge resistant. The only gripes are 1-the small amount of shovelware. 2- The hard drive is partitioned 3- There is one USB 3.0 port that is open, and a USB 2.0 port behind a door which can't be closed if you have a small dongle inserted for a mouse.
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